Today it had become very popular to create your own website using a website builder. You do not even need to pay for this service as there are a few companies offering free website builders and make the process of getting your website online as simple as possible. This makes the whole process a lot cheaper and easier than consulting a web developer to design you a custom site for your business. Often you will be given the option to upgrade from the free version to the premium, and receive access to more features. All the free website builders will provide you with a fully-functional website with no time-constraints and the possibility to purchase or add your own domain name.

Free Website Builders


free website builders

WordPress is an open-source platform which can be used by beginners right up to top web developers to design websites. WordPress enables you to build a blog or business website with access to thousands of plugins, themes and features. You can host the website through or through your own hosting provider and add or purchase your own custom domain. WordPress enables you to create responsive sites that view well on both desktop and mobile devices and has a simple-to-use dashboard to enable you to add posts and pages easily and keep the site constantly updated.

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free website builders

If you are looking to display a large amount of multimedia on your website such as images or video then Wix is a fantastic free website builder option. It uses a drag-and-drop platform, enabling you to easily position your site components where you want the on the page and has recently upgraded its technology from flash to HTML 5 which will display on Apple devices. Wix provides built in Google Analytics, provides good support, with the only real price that you pay for the “free” service is having Wix ads on your webpages.

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Google Sites

free website builders

Not only does Google Sites include free hosting courtesy of Google, you also can integrate Google features in your website. Such features include Google Calendars, Google Drive, Gmail, YouTube, Adsense, Analytics and more. You can build your website base don a variety of templates, into which you can incorporate feature-providing widgets. How the completed site looks is largely dependent on the skill of the user and Google offers the option to purchase a custom domain for your site. All websites are enabled to be responsive and viewed on desktop and mobile devices.

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free website builders

Webstarts provides similar services to those offered by Wix, with a drag-and-drop platform for designing your website and the cost of the “free” service having ads displayed on your webpages. Webstarts free version gives you up to five website pages, limited bandwidth and storage, making this a suitable option for personal websites. Features of Webstarts include a set of design tools, optional domain purchase and hosting and ensuring that your site is search-engine friendly.

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free website builders

Moonfruit is an easy-to-use free website builder that allows you to create a website of up to 15 pages for free. You have the option of purchasing a custom domain and upgrading to more feature-rich premium packages, but the free version includes a number of templates to get you started on building a website or online shop. One [particuarly pleasing feature of Moonfruit is its automatic conversion of your website design into a mobile version, ensuring that your website can be properly viewed on all devices and there is also a feature enabling you to push your entire shop to Facebook in just a few clicks.

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This is but a small selection of free website builders available out there. Things that you should take into consideration when choosing your free website builder are whether you require a custom domain, how easy want the design work to b, how customised you want your site to look, and what features you want to incorporate into your website. Any further suggestions from Jabbersite users to help out others are always appreciated. Good luck designing your new website.

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  1. Thank you for this amazing list of website builders, team!
    I’d also recommend Pixpa. Though its not free but is definitely one of the easiest website builders I’ve worked with.
    I’m still under their free trial and haven’t yet explored its full capabilities, but would definitely recommend it based on my current experience.