Choosing from the thousands of free iPhone games available on the iTunes store is not the easiest task in the world. You want to have the best games and make the most of the limited storage space on your iPhone. Most importantly you want games that are great for killing time, when you are at a loose end with nothing to do and can just whip out your iPhone and play a game to keep you amused. While the title range of free iPhone games available changes constantly this is a list of our current top ten favourites.

Best Free iPhone Games

free iphone games

Angry Birds Star Wars

One of Rovio’s “Angry Birds” titles should surely feature in a top 10 free iPhone games list and our choice at the moment is the Star Wars version. Use the force with lightsabers and lasers to help the Angry Birds battle pig troopers in familiar Star Wars Angry Birds scenes. The game app is available for free with ads.

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Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 free from EA features stuuning graphics with real cars and tracks in a game that it is unbelievable to get for free. Yes they do try to sell you a lot of in-app purchases but all-in-all this is a great racing game, which rightly features near the top of the App store charts.

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Virtual Table Tennis 3

Virtual Table Tennis 3 is a cool game based on the popular table sport. You can simulate various different ways of playing the game such as swiping your finger across the screen to play a smash, and the AI of the computer opponents is based on human behaviours such as reaction, speed, strength, endurance, and defence making it a tricky but realistic rival. Multiplayer mode is available via the Internet and Bluetooth and you can even play your own music from iTunes as you play.

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Solitaire has been a stalwart as a time-wasting game since it was included in the original Windows formats. This app version allows you to quickly swipe the cards into the place you want and customise the deck and table to suit your mood. A great app which can offer hours of simple fun as you strive to complete it again and again.
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Temple Run 2

The follow up to the enormously successful Temple Run app, Temple Run 2 has more running, jumping, turning sliding and evading as you try to escape with the idol. A great game for those fans of “Indiana Jones” and “Tomb Raider” style titles.

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Brothers in Arms 2- Global Front

Brothers in Arms 2 is a great 1st person shooter game which allows your to fight through World War II scenarios. It features stunning graphics and tricky levels, with the ability to play online and even drive a number of vehicles such as tanks and jeeps in the game.

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Ruzzle is a quick-paced word game where you must find word by swiping your finger across a randomly generated block of letters. You can play with friends or random computer players as you build more words to stay on top.

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iBall 3D

iBall 3D is a remake of the classic Labyrinth game in which you have to guide the ball around a maze, avoiding holes and obstacles, controlling the ball by tilting the iPhone. The free version contains 3 maps and 3 gaming modes to make up a total of 9 challenges.

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Touch Hockey: FS5

Touch Hockey is the best air hockey simulation available for the iPhone. It features fast animations and can be played in multi-player mode over both wi-fi and Bluetooth. With the free version ads will be displayed after 4 minutes of play.

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Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing is an free driving game for the iPhone, where you must control Newton Bill in uphill races on six different hill environments with a jeep, a rally car or a tank. While the graphics are relatively simple the physics-based game is remarkably addictive as you strive to move Newton Bill onto the next level.

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