Ensuring that you maximise Facebook post engagement is key to building up a following. Interesting posts which encourage people to comment, like and share are the key ways of engaging people. There are a few tips to making your posts stand out from the others that appear in your follower’s Facebook news feeds. You need to incite your followers to engage with your content and pass it on to others to engage and create that snowball effect.
Eye-catching photos and images

It is often said that a picture can be worth a thousand words. Well on Facebook it can mean the difference between content being looked at and liked or shared, or ignored. Try adding interesting photographs and images that people will want to show to others. A good image post is the most common way of making people stop and look when scrolling through their Facebook News Page, so take advantage of that.

Maximise Facebook Post EngagementShort narratives

When posting or sharing something on Facebook, try to keep the narrative description you write with the post short. You want it short enough to be read on the Facebook news-ticker that appears in the top-right-hand corner of the Facebook page. This should be around 80 characters or less and be to-the-point. If people can see it and read all of it quickly, then they are more likely to click on the post and share.

Add requests to act

Some of the most successful post shares have included calls-to-action in them. This can be in the form of “I dare you not to share this,” or “Like if you would love to do this.” Something that offers the chance for the reader to engage and immediately provide a reason for them to do so. You can ask people to “like”, “comment” or “share” and it is indeed “shares” that will gain your page the most exposure.

Share good causes

Maximise Facebook Post EngagementIf you do not have anything relevant from your own news to add to the site then include related news from other good causes, which your page viewers would find relevant. Such examples would be of a scuba diving company sharing links about underwater conservation efforts by National Geographic. In these cases as well you often get eye-catching images to work with. Including call-to-actions with these posts is a good way of getting people to do this, such as “We promise to donate $1 for every share of this page to this cause”. Bear in mind that Facebook has strict rules about contests and promotions so you might need to use a third-party app in some cases.

Encourage engagement

Maximise Facebook Post EngagementIncluding with your photos or videos narratives asking for captions for them or “fill-the blanks in” narratives are a great way of getting people to comment on your posts and thus engage your Facebook page. These can be as simple as showing a photo and asking viewers what the descriptive caption for the photo should be or asking them to summarize the photo in “x” number of words. An example of a fill-the-blanks could be: “The worst thing about Monday mornings is __________ and the way it _________.” These type of posts are fun and people want to read the comments before adding their own and re-commenting in many cases turning the post into a larger conversation.

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