Knowing about your website traffic and what people actually do, look at, comment on, and come back to is vitally important to running a successful website business. Analytics tools to allow you to track your website traffic from where it is initially sourced from, right through to its ongoing activity with your site is available. But why do you need to know this information?

Well let’s start from the source. Where is your website traffic coming from? Well no doubt you have spent some money advertising your business and products and if you have issued in any type of advertising then you would like to know where it is making a return on investment (ROI) Tracking software that tells you where people have arrived at your site from will indicate how they found the website in the first place, be it through a search engine, or a link from another place. Knowing where you are most successful in obtaining traffic from can enable you to build suitable campaigns.

As for your site content, you will need to know what content of yours is most popular be it certain news, products or applications. What is the reason that people are visiting your site and what keeps them on it and return for more. Analytical software can show the most popular pages, average time spent on pages, which pages are linking well to each other and which pages are being left and resulting in people ending the site visit. Knowing this information can help you maintain the site better and know what type of content you should be aiming at to acquire and retain more website traffic.

A number of the web trackers also document individual user activity on the site, creating a profile for every visitor who visits the site and logging their activity from the time they initially arrive and every return visit. You can often view their visits in real time in the web-tracking software dashboard. Knowing what individuals are doing and the way they interact with your site can enable you to build customer profiles and demographics, enabling you to provide a more rewarding experience for the user and ensure more retention for your site and consequently more business.

How much does web tracking software cost?

While a lot of web tracking software is paid-for, for which you should know what your specific needs are for your site, there are a number of web tracking applications out there available for free, enabling you to track your website activity. The original Google Analytics is a popular choice, while newcomers are providing indepth secure free services which should be looked into. An Internet search will reveal more but these tools can be invaluable to monitoring your website activity and using the information to enhance your business.

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