Are you finding that you use your iPad more and more for work-related functions. Do you like free? If so then you will be interested to know about which free iPad text editor appsare available to help you compose text when you are on the iPad away from your computer. While you could opt for the paid options and go for the full package with an app such as Pages, if you do not need to edit the text style on the iPad then a simple text editor will do fine. Finding an editor that can sync with a cloud storage area such as Dropbox can also save you the hassle of making transfers, when you want to use your text.

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Plain Text- Drop Box Editing is a simple text editor app with a paper-like interface, which cuts out unnecessary features and keeps useful ones making it simple and easy to use for writing. The off-white page colour and the rest of the colour balance are easy of the eyes for reading, which can be beneficial when spending a long time working in the app. It works well in both portrait and landscape modes, losing the left sidebar in portrait mode. Better still Plain Text has Dropbox sync, allowing you instantly update your work on the cloud and not requiring you to do anything else.

Other useful features it includes are a simple text search tool to search your notes, and the fact that it saves all documents in plain text format so it is easy to work with these documents on desktop text-editing apps. You can create folders and sub-folders for arranging your notes and gestures are easy to use, toggling writing focus with one tap, and a single tap to create a new folder or document, rename a document, and single swipes to delete documents. The best free text editing app I have used for the iPad

Top Free iPad Text Editing Apps

Fast Keyboard- Universal Text Editor

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Fast Keyboard is a text editor with an extended keyboard on the iPad screen with the numbers and other digits sitting in a scrollable bar above the main letters. The idea behind this is that you do not have to press the “.?123” button to access the other digits every time, making your typing more efficient. I have to say that this is a really useful feature allowing me to type more quickly. Yes occasionally I did have to scroll through the digits at the top of the keyboard to find specific characters, but still found it more efficient than the normal iPad keyboard.

Other features included with the text editor include Dropbox connectivity, the ability to file your folders, and extra useful features such as a “#words” and “#lines” counter and the ability to change the font and size. Files are saved in plain text format and you can also enable the editor to post to Twitter and Facebook and send SMS on the iPhone versions. A really useful text editing app.

Top Free iPad Text Editing Apps


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Nocs- Text + Markdown + Dropbox is a free text editor providing Dropbox cloud support, an easy filing system, plus Markdown support. While it allows you to create normal plain text files you can format your text as well and author documents with links, images and structure, even being able to create HTML documents and view other kinds of documents.
– iWork: Numbers, Pages, Keynote
– Microsoft Office: Excel, Word, Powerpoint
– pictures: PNG, JPEG, etc.
– movies: MOV, etc.

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The most simple of the text editing apps we review, DraftPad allows you to write and read on a plain field, without providing any functional complexity. You can route your text to be used in other apps and web service with the “Assist” button located on the page. Services include Email, Message, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Maps, Calendar and more. You can change the viewing font size with one tap when looking at the page and the app includes see and switch counters for words, characters and lines. Work is automatically backed up every minute.

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