Designing websites can for a lot of us get more difficult when programming is required for more advanced features on our sites. a useful way of getting around this problem is by downloading free scripts to make your life easier, which have already been developed and just require inserting and some light editing perhaps. There are quite a few sites out there which allow you to download free web scripts from and we have picked a few of our favourites here.

free web scripts 
 Sourceforge is a free open source software repository where you can find thousands of different scripts. It is fully searchable and includes categories and user recommendation percentages with downloads to aid you in making decisions. It can be a bit slow but has so much open-source software on it you should not be disappointed.

Hot Scripts

free web scriptsHotscripts has thousands of available scripts and is well-organized, with the different script types being sorted into over 100 categories to make your searches specific. User reviews and ratings are also supplied with the scripts to aid you in making a download decision, as well as licensing information.

Google Code

free web scriptsGoogle Code is a lightning-fast source for free scripts and covers many different script types such as AJAX, Javascript, Python, PHP and many more. It’s from Google so the search function is quick, enabling you to find full scripts or smaller pieces of code easily.

SitePoint’s Scripts & Online Services Forum

free web scriptsThe SitePoint Script & Online Services forum discussion board provides a great place to source both free and paid-for scripts. You can also find coders available for hire on the forum. While it can be complicated to search, if you know precisely what you are looking for then you should find it, or get more ideas from the different posts.

Dynamic Drive

free web scriptsDynamic Drive offers a number of scripts to download free, particuarly DHTML and Javascript solutions. It has thousands of offerings and in addition some web tools such as favicon generators to aid you in building your websites.


free web scriptsSnippler is a repository of snippets, which are small bits of code. All you have to do is copy them and paste them, making them really useful for quick solutions in web design. Snippet makes it simple and easy to navigate and find your ideal snippets in easy-to-use code.

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