Building an app for an iPhone/iPad or Android phone can make your business stand out or be a source of revenue if you charge for the app. But although it can be difficult to start with the software used by App developers there are also a number of free builders on the Internet, where you can build apps with little or no coding knowledge. We have put together a list of the top 5 free app builders available online today to help you get started.

Having your own app can be an exciting way to generate new customers as increasingly more and more people use their mobile devices to access the web and do business online. Apps provide a convenient way to access your content directly without having to be searched in a browser. Even if you do not have a business, developing an app and putting it up for sale on the App or Google Play store can make you a good profit. While to make an app with advanced features will require you to have some knowledge of programming you can make a simple app, with one of the free online builders fairly quickly and get it online.


Free app builderBuzztouch is a free to join and use free app developing software. It allows up to 3 apps to be developed under the free account and also gives members access to a community, where seasoned developers can help out those who don’t know anything about coding. You can host your apps through Buzztouch, your own website or other cloud areas such as Dropbox. The Buzztouch software can be used to develop both simple and more advanced apps, with some coding knowledge helping to speed up the application creation process.
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The App Builder

free app builder TheAppBuilder can be used to create mobile web apps or apps for iOS, Android or Windows phones. Depending on what kind of app you wish to develop, TheAppBuilder can provide templates for a number of types of app. All you have to do is click on the features that you want your app to include, then add your content and integrate social media. You can run your app in browsers, or you can publish to the app stores for which you will be charged a fee by TheAppBuilder.
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Apps Bar

free app buildersApps Bar allows you to create free apps for iOS, Android, Facebook and HTML widgets. It was designed to bridge the gap between over-simplified apps and expensive professionally-developed apps. It is completely free to use and allows you to create apps for a number of different types of businesses and get them quickly onto the App stores. It has a comprehensive range of features, from form builders to social interactions, menus and RSS feeds.
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Corona SDK

free app buildersCorona SDK can be used by anyone from complete programming rookies to high-end developers to make high-qulaity apps, games and ebooks to be used on iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and Nook Devices. In-depth tutorials are available on the company’s site. The system uses the Lua language, which can be easy to learn and is superb for creating interactive graphical content. You join the site on a free unlimited trial. To publish your apps to app stores you will have to pay an annual subscription fee, starting from $199.
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free app buildersTiggzi allows you to generate iOS, Android Windows Phone and HTML5 mobile web apps. It is a cloud-based builder and uses a drag-and-drop platform to allow you to easily put your app together. The company provides a number of interactive tutorials to help you to create an app, plus gives you access to a customer service support network. Plugins are available to add extra functionality to your app. Uploading your app to the various app stores can be done through the Tiggzi platform, with the first app you build on Tiggzi being free (subsequent costs are $40/month for 3 apps or $180/month for unlimited apps).
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