What are the best free apps for Android? Android and iOS are the leaders in mobile device operating systems and the open source nature of the Google Android OS means that there are loads of free apps available for you to download from the Google Play store. But you only want the best apps on your smartphone or tablet to make sure that you get the most out of it. While my selection below might not be everyone’s top apps, I have tried to include a selection of apps that are both useful and fun.

Best Free Apps for Android

Facebook free app for android

Facebook for Android

The app for the social media giant, Facebook for Android is not as packed with features ads the desktop version, however it does have all the most useful features such as the ability to post, comment and chat. In short, it actually represents the far-off days when Facebook was simple to use and not packed with all the tiresome extras that accompany the full version today. A useful app for keeping up-to-date with your Facebook profile.

Download Facebook for Android

Hootsuite free apps for Android


Keeping all of your social profiles updated can be a marathon process, especially if you want to keep them all updated when you are on-the-move. Hootsuite has emerged as the best client for Android users to update social profiles from loads of different networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Google+ and many more. You can have up to 5 profiles with the free version and your account can also be used with the desktop browser version. As well as posting to multiple networks other features include the ability to schedule posts and monitor networks. Hootsuite is definitely the top social media client for Android.

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Flipboard free apps for Android


Flipboard is a novel way of bringing together world news and social news in one application and lay it out in an easily readable format. After you have picked a few topics such as “World News”, “Sports”, “Twitter profile” and “Facebook profile”, your Flipboard is created and you can flip through the posts with a simple finger swipe. Flipboard can source stories from all major news sites as well as provide the ability to have social media profiles and RSS feeds displayed as well. It really is an excellent tool that saves you the trouble of going to multiple sites to find information and the reading format is fantastic. A great app for your Android Smartphone and especially tablets.

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Skype free apps for Android


Skype is a world leader in free communications with the free app for Android allowing you to chat with your friends and colleagues through IM and voice calls and even make video calls over a strong connection. It can also make low cost calls and send SMS to mobiles and landlines around the world, using funds added to your Skype account. A truly useful app to keep you connected.

Download Skype

Dropbox free apps for Android


Dropbox is an extremely useful tool for you to be able to quickly access and transfer files between devices. Not quite finished at work but want to work from your Android tablet. No problem. Save the file to Dropbox and you can access it through the Dropbox application. Even if you lose your Android device, you are safe in the knowledge that anything you have saved to Dropbox is safe and accessible through your Dropbox account from another device. You can give others access to your Dropbox folders to quickly share files with them and a number of other apps are now tuned to work even better with the Dropbox app in file sharing and ease of access.

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Instagram free apps for Android


Instagram is a fun way for you to take, edit and share your photos from your Android device. Once you have taken a photo you can edit it with several filter and tilt-shift blur, which can really improve your photos and give them new life. As well as uploading your own photo stream you can view your friend’s photos and the app is easily connected to Facebook to allow you to quickly get your photos on your profile.

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maps free apps for android

Google Maps

In comparison to its faulty replica from Apple, Google Maps is an extremely useful tool, allowing you to accurately pinpoint your position and includes a navigation feature to help you find directions. Turn-by-turn voice navigation, eliminates the need for an extra GPS system in your car. Best of all, it is a free app for Android and you can make the route calculations at the start of your journey, eliminating the need for costly data transfers en-route and giving you no need to worry if there is no mobile coverage on your journey. Awesome.

Download Google Maps

kindle free apps for android

Amazon Kindle

The Kindle reader enables you read books on your Android device and purchase or borrow new reads from the Amazon online Kindle store. Amazon also provide loads of free book downloads if you do not want to pay. Using your Android as an eReader eliminates the need for you to carry books and also allows you to always have your library in your possession, meaning you can read when chance takes you and pick any book you want. Kindle for Android is one of the best apps available for this purpose and in the case that you lost your device, all your books are stored in your Amazon Kindle account and can be re-downloaded to a new Kindle reader.

Download Kindle

Youtube free apps for android


The YouTube app gives you access to stream and watch the millions of videos that are available on the Google owned site. You can also upload movies that are captured or stored on your Android device to your YouTube profile, giving you the ability to instantly share experiences and send them around the Internet. You can keep up with your favourite YouTube channels, watching the streams anywhere you can get a signal, although sometimes the loading speed of the app can leave a little to be desired.

Download YouTube

office free apps for Android

Kingsoft Office

Kingsoft Office is a full featured office suite, bringing the ability to turn your Android device into a mobile word processor and document editor. Whilst this might be a difficult task on smaller Anroid smartphones, it can be a fantastic tool for thos eusing Android tablets and needing to work on the move. It allows you to edit in many common formats such as .doc and .docx, .xls and .xlsx and .ppt and pptx files, and includes a file manager, as well as connecting with cloud storage systems including Dropbox and Google Drive. This allows you to work and and store documents from your Android device, adding to your productivity and saving you the hassle of carrying or waiting to work on a laptop or desktop PC. And best of all. It’s free.

Download Kingsoft Office

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