With the increases in Internet activity, site size and website functions it is important that you have the best browser for optimizing your Internet surfing experience. Traditionally devices come with a default application to browse the Internet but different options are available for download to most devices. Some are more suited for faster browsing, interaction with a certain provider such as Google, or integration with your home system (such as Safari with OSX/iOS). Jabbersite would like to give you more of an insight into the different browsers available out there and whether they are suitable for your system and your browsing needs.

Mozilla Firefox

One of the more popular “add-on” browser applications from Mozilla, Firefox features top browsing speeds and privacy features allowing secure navigation. The newest versions allow syncing between Firefox on different devices. Other excellent features are available such as the tool Firebug for web-developers.It has security features in place to check for malware and phishing. The application is customizable to user settings, although one con with the system is that it does not allow voice-interaction.

Available on: Windows, OSX, Linux, iOS, Android


The second-oldest browser company around, with over 200 million users worldwide, the Opera system is noted for its multi-modal interface, with keyboard shortcuts and voice interactions. This aids users with motor or visual impairments and the browser can be almost 100% controlled from the keyboard. The browser has many features including an on-board mail client, one-click bookmarking and tab-stacks. It has security features in place to check for malware and phishing and advanced encryption when you visit a secure website. A con of Opera is the lack of a parental control feature for family households. However the browser boasts fast-start ups, fully customization and content enhancement with its featherweight design so you have more screen real-estate.

Available on: Windows, OSX, Linux, iOS, Android

Google Chrome

Google Chrome has quickly risen since its inception a few years ago to one of the most popular web browsers available. It is fully integrated with the Google members system and its applications from Google+, Gmail, Google AdWords, Google Maps, YouTube and many more. These settings enable the browser to be completely customizable and additionally it has fast start-up times and the ability to sync between devices. It has security features in place to check for malware and phishing, with warnings issued prior to navigating to the site. Cons of the browser are the lack of a parental control system, although there are a number of third-party applications that can sort this problem.

Available on: Windows, OSX, Linux, iOS, Android


Apple’s contribution to the browser market Safari offers a quick clean browsing experience and normal browser features including tabs, spell check and a password manager. However in comparison to some other browsers Safari is not as customizable and lacks parental control features. Security-wise it does protect against malware and phishing and provides a private browsing option in the event that it is used on a public computer. It is quick for both start-up and page loading times and has the Mac minimalist design and ease of operation.

Available on: Windows, OSX, Linux, iOS

Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft’s core browser Internet Explorer may have been around for a long time but the past couple of years have seen its competitors overtake it on many aspects. It has full parental control systems and competitive loading speeds, with a number of add-ons available. It does a fairly good job protecting your computer from phishing, malware, spyware and other attacks, however the popularity of the browser has made it a target for hackers in the past. It utilizes sandboxing where each tab is run as an independent operation so the crash of one tab will not take down all tabs in the browser. It is clean, convenient and offers a good browsing experience.

Available on: Windows

Bayshore Runner

A new browser from developer Bayshore Projects, Runner is reputed to run graphics rendering 25-150% faster, making it an ideal browser for online gaming, watching movies and other fast graphics loading. It has full security measures to protect from phishing, malware and spyware and integrates with the Bayshore network. It is the only browser offering a payment-safety-integrations system,which is connected directly to the Bayshore server. While it is a new browser in comparison to other available options its graphic speeds do make it a desirable option for a number of browsing functions.

Available on: Windows


Maxathon is a smaller brand of browser with fully customizable features right down to the task bar colour.This enables you to have your layout exactly as full or minimalistic as you want it. It is loaded with basic features, with a notable one being the beneficial drag-and-drop feature that allows you to click and drag a link from an email, text document or any other application directly into the address bar. It has full security features for safe browsing and is based on Internet Explorer’s engine. The lack of parental controls, voice interaction commands and spell check are detriments but still a quick useful browser.

Available on: Windows

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