The Apple iPad has quickly become one of the main communication and work tools of choice for people on the move. One of the key tasks in managing a business web campaign is search engine optimisation (SEO). If you have a wi-fi or 3G/4G connection to the Internet from your iPad the you can manage your SEO using one of the apps suggested and update your site or display statistics and data to clients from your iPad. All these seo apps for iPad are free to download, although some have purchasable upgrades.

seo apps for ipadAnalytics for iPad

The Google Analytics app can give up to date statistics on your blog or website. You just need to log in with your Google Analytics account and you can access charts and statistics in the full screen mode of the iPad for easy display to people. While there is a limit to the number of data rows available in the free version you can still get a good idea of your site SEO requirements and web traffic and activity.

seo apps for ipadWordPress

WordPress as a blogger’s tool and website design package is easy to use and the iPad app offers a number of SEO benefits in the ability to change the title, content and tags of your website blog posts and pages, and even to add new ones. This means that you can change the keywords almost instantaneously if you notice a change in keyword trends on an analyzer and get your site up-to-date on the spot.

seo apps for ipadHootsuite

For those of you who use social media profiles and campaigns and create back-links, using multiple social networks, the free Hootsuite app allows you to manage your different social network profiles and link them together. Linking the sites together is an excellent way of building back-links and increasing your site traffic. Other benefits are that you only have to write one post and designate which of your networks it will go on, rather than having to post on every network individually.

seo apps for ipadWebsite SEO Analyser

Website SEO Analyser by Koozai is one of the better analysers available with features allowing you to view information about your sites inbound links and page content. It also allows you to view link and content information of other domains, allowing you the chance to analyze competitors.

seo apps for ipadSEO Manager

SEO Manager allows you to view information about your site and competitor’s page rankings with unlimited keywords and webpages being catered for. It supports all Google domains and languages and presents the information in statistical or chart form making it an extremely useful tool for demonstrating website activity. You can then use the information gained to make SEO improvements to your website.

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