Track your Website Activity

Knowing about your website traffic and what people actually do, look at, comment on, and come back to is vitally important to running a successful website business. Analytics tools to allow you to track your website traffic from where it is initially sourced from, right through to its ongoing activity … Read More >>

Choosing Your Web Browser

With the increases in Internet activity, site size and website functions it is important that you have the best browser for optimizing your Internet surfing experience. Traditionally devices come with a default application to browse the Internet but different options are available for download to most devices. Some are more … Read More >>

The Internet gotten more insecure and people need proof that sites they visit are reliable or not. We can almost conclude that the experience for ending on a bad site, a phishing site on directly scamming site is close to, if not; 100%. End users need guaranty and proof from … Read More >>