How to Turn Your iPhone into a WiFi Hotspot

turn iphone into wifi hotspot

WiFi technology is the most common way for devices to be able to access the Internet if they do not have their own connection. It is possible to buy mobile dongles to plug into a computer or tablet to access the Internet this way but this is an unnecessary expense if you have an iPhone which can share its mobile Internet connection. The steps below explain how to turn your iPhone into a WiFi hotspot to access the Internet. This connection can be completely private and protected by a password to stop others from accessing your connection.

How to Turn Your iPhone into a Hotspot

turn your iphone into a hotspot steps 1.) Go to your iPhone or iPad “Home” screen.Open the “Settings” menu.
turn your iphone into a hotspot steps 2.) Tap on the “Personal Hotspot” option in the top menu.
turn your iphone into a hotspot steps 3.) Switch the “Personal Hotspot” option switch at the top to the green “on” indicator. Set the “Wifi Password” to a password of your choice.
iphonehotspotsignup1 4.) Go to the WiFi settings on your Windows PC or Mac. Your iPhone name should be listed. Click on your iPhone name.
iphone hotspot PC hookup 5.) Enter your chosen password when prompted. Your computer or tablet will now be tethered to your iPhone and able to access the Internet if the phone permits it.

NOTE: Some carriers may apply an extra charge for allowing tethering of your iPhone Internet connection. Check with your carrier before using the hotspot facility.

It is not just the iPhone that permits tethering to its Internet connection by converting the phone to a hotspot. This is a feature available on Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phones. Jabbersite will be providing “how-to” articles for these products in the future but if any readers have tips or directions then feel free to add them below and help your fellow readers tether their computer through their phone.

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