iPad Car App- Use Your iPad as an On-Board Computer

ipad car app iCarConnect HD
ipad car app iCarConnect HD

ipad car app iCarConnect HD

ipad car app iCarConnect HD

ipad car app iCarConnect HD

ipad car app iCarConnect HD

A number of the features that are included in the iPad and the thousands of apps that are available to download for the device are useful for drivers. The iPad can become an effective substitute for your car computer using a good iPad car app. iCarConnect HD is an iPad car app that is free for a limited time that allows you to control many of the functions needed by a driver from one place and avoid you having to navigate extensively around your iPad which can be extremely dangerous especially when driving.

The app itself is really the complete package for hooking everything you need whilst driving up to the same control centre in the same way as an on-board car computer except with the proven functionality of iOS 7. You can connect the iPad to your car audio system via headphone jack or Bluetooth if supported in your vehicle.

Features supported by the iCarConnect HD app include playing music with your current song displayed on the screen and the interface designed for in-car use. You can access web radio through your device Internet connection as well as the more obvious car features of Google Maps and iMaps for satellite navigation. The phone feature presents large keys so that you have no difficulty dialling your number and you can also access YouTube and other Internet sites through the app.

Displayed on the main app interface are the date and time, local climate conditions, a torch button to enable you to see in the dark and a share button to multiple locations to share your current status with others. The major bonus of this app we found especially with the music was the ease of navigation such as the two finger swipe method for changing song and the enlarged keys for entering phone numbers. There is even a quick SMS button which allows you to send messages to three favourite contacts quickly.

The app certainly makes operating the necessary features in your car a lot easier although we must stress that you still shouldn’t operate it while actually driving. But this iPad car app has all the necessary functions to use your iPad in replacement for an on-board car computer.

The Good

  • All useful apps for drivers in one interface
  • Easy to navigate and control gestures
  • Enlarged keys for easy typing
  • Connect to car audio via headphone jack or BlueTooth

The Bad

  • Voice control would be a marked improvement

The Verdict

Despite the fact that there are a couple of improvements that could be made to this app for an iPad car ap you will struggle to better iCarConnect HD. If you like to use any of the features of your iPad in your car then this is certainly the best choice for you especially while it is available as a free download. Bring the functionality of iPad and turn it into an on-board car computer.


iCarConnect HD from the iTunes App store


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