Free Playstation App for iPhone

Playstation app for iphone
Playstation app for iphone

Playstation app for iphone

Playstation app for iphone

If you are a keen Sony Playstation gamer and an active member of the gaming community then the news that there is a free Playstation app for iPhone should not escape your attention. Sony have just launched the PlayStation® App to free. The app allows you to see what others are playing, compare achievements and trophies and push downloads to your PS4. You must have a PS4 and a Sony Entertainment account to use this app, but we assume this is a given with most keen Sony gamers.

The app interface is essentially a mini-version of the main PS4 interface providing access to a mobile version of your Playstation 4’s social feed. Displayed are your friend’s recent gameplay activity and achievements.

The app also enables you to send and receive text and voice messages to chat with your friends; receive notifications, game alerts, and invitations, and then use your mobile device as an on-screen keyboard for your PS4™ system.

If you see a title that you don’t have but would like to play then you can push the download to your PS4 from the app, so by the time you want to play the game is downloaded and ready to play.

A really useful feature is revealed when you hit the “Connect to PS4” button. This will enable the app to act as a second screen whose features are used by a number of PS4 titles including the launch title “Knack.”

Although it hasn’t happened yet, Sony have also hinted that the app will be developed in order to allow streaming of games from your PS4 to be played on your device. The possibilities seem endless and the app could be destined for great things.

The Good

  • See what your friends are playing and compare achievements
  • Push titles to your PS4
  • Streaming possibilities
  • Use as PS4 second screen

The Bad

  • Nothing really we can find wrong with this app

The Verdict

The Playstation app for iPhone is a must download for any iPhone users who are keen PS4 gamers. You can use it as part of the PS4 game playing accessories or as a tool to access the PS4 gaming community and more. The app is free and enables you to take part in PS4-related activity even when you are away from your console. Check it out for a free download today.

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