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The ability to send money quickly via email or an easy money transfer app can seriously get people out of a hole when they don’t have money on them. On 15th October the eagerly awaited free money transfer online application Square Cash, news of which’s development had been leaked in May was opened to use in public service for users in the USA. Developers Square have declared that currently the original plan to charge a 50 cent sending fee has been dropped.

The way it works is that when you want to send money to a friend you simply have to input your debit card details into the application. This only has to be done once. It is then simply a matter of entering the friend’s email address and the friend will receive a prompting email asking for their debit card information. Once both debit cards are connected then the transfer can be made.

There appears to be no link to Square Wallet, which is a digital wallet service for paying in stores and other retailers and eateries. There is no account to set-up and also a separate app available to perform the function.

To be honest the question remains to be seen whether people will trust such a service to be hooked up to their debit cards and will it catch on enough to become a mainstream method. For sure there are simlar services out there such as PayPal, although PayPal requires that both the individuals in the transaction be signed up for a PayPal account. There are also other applications such as Venmo and Google is presently developing a similar idea which is going to be connected with the Google Wallet app.

At this time the application is only available to users inside the USA and it will be interesting to gauge the response that it enjoys there, and whether it is enough to warrant an international release. But the main point about it, is that it is free for the moment which will hold a good deal of attraction for many.


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