Best Free Apps For iOS 7 That You Should Try Out

iOS 7 on iPhone

Apple’s newest release of the operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod iOS 7 is a complete overhaul of the system which has been pretty much the same since the first iPhone was released. Along with feature changes, iOS 7 boasts a cleaner flatter design for apps and layout. If you are one of the new purchasers of the new iPhone 5S or 5C or have updated the software on your iOS device then you might want to try out the best free apps for iOS 7 that have been developed to take advantage of the new system’s features.

Best Free Apps for iOS 7


evernote for iOS 7
The updated version of Evernote still contains all of your notes, but has done away with the cards system with a design that feels more spacious and uncluttered. One tap from the home screen enables you to jump to any note, notebook, shortcut or tab. It is even quicker to add a note now with the “quick add” option where you can add a written or photo note with a single tap. It is also possible to add “Skitch” style annotations to existing images and PDF files without having to switch apps. New notes can be synced automatically in the background or via a manual tap from the home screen. It is still one of the better iOS apps and uses the new system well.

pocket for IOS 7Pocket

Despite the fact that since it was launched the design and layout of Pocket has always been fairly clean and flat, the new iOS 7 version does reveal some changes. These include background syncing and a faster interface that recedes into the background when you are viewing a saved article. This works well and keeps Pocket the free app of choice to save and view online articles offline later.

hootsuite for iOS 7Hootsuite

The free social media management app Hootsuite has had a minor overhaul to make it aesthetically matching to the new flatter iOS 7 format. While operation of the app is pretty much the same, the cleaner layout makes the different columns easier to see and navigate, which is an important feature in an app containing so much on-screen info. Users should be pleased with the changes to assist them in social media management.

Facebook for iOS 7Facebook

Facebook too has amended their app to fit in with the flatter aesthetic theme of iOS 7. The layout of the app remains pretty much the same with the pop-out columns and moveable message chats, but the design has been flattened and cleaned up making it seem more spacious and easier to view.


flipboard for iOS 7
Like many other top apps Flipboard has had a face change to fit in with the new iOS design. These include icon and design updates with a cool new feature that gives subtle image animations when the device is tilted. Magazine covers have also been altered to give a parallax effect similar to the iOS home screen in matching the new design. Other than that it is still the same cool reader app that allows you to swipe to turn the screen “page” to navigate through the app.

twitter for iOS 7Twitter

Twitter’s adjustments to its iOS app have followed the same path as many of the top apps in that they have not changed much except for the design in making it more clean to fit better with the iOS 7 layout. The navigation bars and icons throughout the app have been flattened and brightened making it appear a very simple design indeed.


kindle for iOS 7
Of the eReader apps available for iOS 7 the biggest overhaul has been to that of the Kindle app. While the features of the app have not been tinkered with too much, the design of the app has been matched totally with iOS 7. The library area now has thin fonts, blurred backgrounds and a similar folder layout to the iOS home screen making it a joy to navigate and use the app.


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