Free Fake Call App for iPhone- Fake Call Now App Review

fake call app for iphone
fake call app for iphone

fake call app for iphone uses real contacts

fake call app for iphone

Having an app to assist you in getting out of an awkward situation can be a godsend at times. A fake call app simulates a phone call being made to your iPhone, enabling you to detach yourself from the situation on the pretext that you “have to take this call.” The free fake call app for iPhone, “Fake Call Now” is one such app that starts a fake call, displaying believable details and interacting well with the other iPhone features.

The interface of the app once launched is remarkably easy to use. First-things-first there are no clicking sounds made by the app to betray the fact that you are trying to launch the fake call. Everything is completely silent allowing you to be discreet. It is a shame that there is not a timing feature to allow you to set the call to begin at a certain time, but this is certainly not a game-changer.

You can either choose to receive the call from a real contact in your address book, or should you not want to risk that, you can completely fabricate a contact. The fake contacts are stored in their own separate address book to allow you to locate them quickly.

Once you have activated the fake call a completely real ringing screen will appear on your iPhone display with the designated ringtone. After you have made your excuses to leave the situation you want to get out of and answered the fake incoming call a real timer is displayed, keeping the realism going to the end. After you hang up the fake call, all you need to do is press the iPhone “Home” button to leave the app.

There are a few improvements that could be made to increase the believability of the apps such as a fake received call in the call log and a timer feature but still, this app can really assist in getting out of an awkward situation. The app is free to download for a limited period due to the developer launching a call block app.

The Good

  • Simple-to-use interface
  • Same appearance as a real iPhone call
  • Use real or fake contacts on your fake call display
  • No button clicking sounds to betray you
  • Real call timer displayed when you answer the call

The Bad

  • No timer function
  • Unable to change lock screen wallpaper

The Verdict

While this app is going for free then it is well worth downloading. It provides you with a believable excuse to get out of awkward situations, backed up with realistic and accurate effects. While it is probably not worth paying a premium for due to the features of other free competitor apps available, for a free price tag it should be added to your collection. A few improvements could be recommended sure, but it does what it says on the tin.


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