Find and Watch Movies on Your iPad Free- Luma App Review

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watch movies on your ipad

watch movies on your ipad

watch movies on your ipad

watch movies on your ipad

Newly released app Luma combines watching movies on your iPad with the ability to discover movies through preferences and recommendations, as well as see what your friends are watching. The IMDB-like movie database allows you to find out about movies before watching them though online sources such as Crackle, Netflix and even iTunes and HBO. The app combines the best features on online movie and TV streaming sites with social interactivity and database information.

Once launched you just need to set your preferences in the app to enable it to recommend movies and TV shows that you might like. Once you have made a few selections then the app will also make recommendations based on your viewing history. If you are watching as a group, a multi-viewer selection feature sources programs that everyone will enjoy. You can save recommendations to watchlist to ensure that you do not forget a recommendation and the “My Shows” feature allows you to track your progress through watching a TV series.

As for supported TV and movie streaming sites the list includes Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, iTunes, Crackle, NBC, The CW, ABC, ABC Family, Max Go, truTV, A&E, Vudu and more. Please note that the ability to access many of these sites depends on your geographical location and whether you hold a subscription. You can also access your iTunes and Vudu videos through the app.

The interface is pretty simple to use and well presented, while streaming speed still depends on your Internet connection, but all-in-all pretty happy with the performance.

The Good

  • All of your movie watching options in one place
  • Simple-to-use interface
  • Recommendations based on your preferences and viewing history
  • Recommendations from friends
  • Multi-viewer options

The Bad

  • We found nothing really bad with this app

The Verdict

No longer is it necessary to have separate apps for viewing and sourcing movies to watch. An extra IMDB app becomes an obsolete requirement as you can find recommendations, find out about movies and find out what your friends are watching as well as concoct playlists and reminders. The app is a complete organiser and a great tool for keeping your TV watching scheduled and can access free and premium channels. Download it and check it out. Let us know what you think in the comments section below but we were really impressed by this app.


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