Dubbed the Best YouTube Player for iPad and iPhone- Angry Tube Review

Angry Tube video selection

Angry Tube YouTube player channel selectionMobile devices such as iPads and iPhones are some of the main sources where YouTube videos are watched and as such having the best YouTube player for iPad and iPhone will optimise the experience. The latest app to lay claim to this title is Angry Tube a brand new YouTube client app from Hao Wen. There are a variety of YouTube client apps including the original one from Google, however all of them seem to have a flaw or two which brings down the YouTube watching experience. Read the Angry Tube app review below to find out if the app succumbs to the same flaws.

The App

The interface of the app is a clean, well laid out design,YouTube player video quality selection with a navigation bar at the base of the screen and a second navigation bar for certain app features on the left-hand side. It is very simple-to navigate around the site, search for videos and sign in to your YouTube account for specific recommendations and to access your favourite channels. A cool feature is the ability to add videos to “My Folder’ enabling you to build up a playlist of videos you want to watch, if you come across them whilst browsing the YouTube library.

Watching a video is similar to the original YouTube app with the ability to set all videos to play in a full screen or small screen so you can access other features such as video comments and to “like” and share the video on social networks.Angry Tube you Tube channels You can even adjust the video quality which can compensate if your Internet connection is particuarly slow. An extra feature is the fact that videos can be set to play the background when you exit the app, which can allow you to perform other tasks on the iPad or iPhone while the video buffers, or use the Angry tube app as a listening tool while you do something else on the device.

Like other competitor YouTube client apps, Angry Tube is not without its faults. The app is ad-supported, with a small ad bar that appears permanently above the lower navigation panel. However its size and location mean that it does not really interfere with the operation of the app and disappears entirely when you are in full-screen video mode.

The Good

  • Clean easily-navigable interface
  • Allows background playing so you can load videos while not in the app
  • Video quality selection permitted to allow for Internet connection
  • Add videos you want to watch to a folder

The Bad

  • Adverts displayed at base of the screen
  • Cannot upload videos to or manage your YouTube channeL

The Verdict

The developers of Angry Tube claim that it is the best YouTube client for iPad and iPhone and after testing its many features, they do appear to have a basis to their claim. The app is easy to use and allows access to all of the main YouTube features, although it still lacks the ability to upload videos or manage your YouTube channel fully. When compared to other apps I would certainly be inclined to include this as my default YouTube client on my iOS device and so far in a few hours of testing have suffered no crashes or serious problems. It is well worth the download.

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