Best Free All In One PC Optimisation Suites

Best free all-in-one PC optimisation suite

Keeping your system as fast as possible is important to avoid frustration and keep productivity high. In your PC system there are hundreds of unused and duplicate files as well as unused applications. Clearing your hard drive of these as well as removing malware and other junk files can dramatically increase computer speed. While there are many separate programs available to accomplish this task, rather than having to run many applications, you can simply use one of the best free all in one PC optimisation suites and remove junk files more efficiently.

Simple System TweakerSimple System Tweaker a free all-in-one PC optimisation suite

Simple System Tweaker makes small adjustments to your Windows PC configuration to increase the speed and response time of the system. While each tweak that it makes only gives a small performance boost, when all tweaks are added up you can see a dramatic increase in speed. For users who want to go more in-depth, there is an Advanced System Tweaker available as well.

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Advanced System CareAdvanced system care a free all-in-one PC optimisation suite

Advanced System Care is a free all-in-one PC optimisation suite that has been around for years and with its most updated version allows you to remove malware, clean your history, remove junk files, repair errors and more. While the free version does not have as many features as the paid-for “Pro” version, you should find it more than adequate for tweaking your system and eliminating junk files to speed it up.

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Glary UtilitiesGlary Utilities a free all-in-one PC optimisation suite

Glary Utilities is a similar application to Advanced System care, if not quite as well know. Features included in the free package include a disk cleaner, registry cleaner, start-up manager, file shredder, process manager, memory optimiser as well as many extras. The program can accomplish a majority of the tasks for increasing your system speed and response time and if you want even more, then there is an option to purchase a “Pro” version.

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X-Setupx-setup pro a free all-in-one PC optimisation suite

X-Setup is an older free all in one PC optimisation suite, which has now been discontinued by the developer but is still available for download from a number of sources. The application makes a number of tweaks to your system to increase the speed, although due to the fact that it was discontinued in 2002, this will only really work properly for Windows XP users.

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