Sticks Tennis Game for iOS and Android Review

tennis game for ios and android

As the Wimbledon tennis championships get underway in Britain this week, we are taking the opportunity to review a tennis game for iOS and Android devices allowing you to emulate the LTA stars and keep yourself amused at the same time. Sticks Tennis is a simple-to-use free tennis simulation game app, whether you can control a player using swipe gestures to time your shots and compete against computer opponents. Graphically stunning it is not, but how does the rest of the game measure up in keeping us amused?
tennis game for ios and androidControl of the player on the game as mentioned is a simple enough affair. Tap the screen to toss up the ball ans swipe to serve. You then play your rally shots y swiping the screen to the left or right, depending on where you intend to direct the ball. As the computer controls the direction of the player’s run, you simply need to time your shots correctly to overcome your opponents.

Access to different parts of the game is not restricted to paid-for customers and you first start off with the “Improve your game” section where you learn to control your player and play shots in a series of one-set matches against hilariously named opponents such as Moanica Shrieker and Horan game for ios and android Other sections include the “World Domination” challenge, “The Daily Challenge” and the opportunity to play in the Grand Slam events of the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open. Frustration creeps in here though as you are required to make an in-app purchase to advance after you have completed the first round.

Other gripes aside from the in-app purchases to advance in the slams are the ads (which are removed once you make in-app purchases) and Android users will complain that the app does seem to be developed for iOS devices and simply ported to Android, tennis game for ios and androidmeaning it does not take advantage of Android device features such as the back button.

The Good

  • Simple yet challenging controls. Easy to use, difficult to master
  • Fun graphics and realistic sound effects
  • Addictive game format

The Bad

  • In app purchases restrict free access

The Verdict

If you are expecting stunningly realistic graphics then you will be disappointed by Sticks Tennis, however the style of graphics, realistic sound and simple controls make for an addictive formula and while you may not have the time to continuously play the game, it certainly is a great addition to your mobile device for using in waiting rooms or other stolen moments. The phrase “Easy to use, difficult to master” certainly applies to this app and the free version certainly provides enough entertainment to warrant downloading and if you really enjoy the app then you can buy the premium upgrades. As you get into watching Wimbledon this week, compete yourself on the app for your iPhone, iPad or Android and emulate your heroes.

tennis game for ios and androidtennis game for ios and android


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