Momento App Review- iPhone Diary

momento app review

If you are the type of person who likes to record and document what is happening in your life, or write down your thoughts and feelings then keeping a personal diary is an idea you might want to consider. The Momento app for iPhone is a useful journal/diary app that lets you record your life day-by-day. Momento also enables you to aggregate all your social media activities on a given day as well so you can really keep track of what you were up to. Check out the full Momento app review below.
momento app reviewThe app allows you to type in your thoughts, feelings and recordings daily via a calendar screen and then access and review any date in the past that you have entered something on. Where the app takes the diary to a different level is the integration of social media so that you can aggregate all of your activities each day from a variety of social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram,, Foursquare, Gowalla, Digg, YouTube and Vimeo.

In addition to recording your thoughts, Momento actually gives you the ability to curate pretty much anything you would have done on a number of social media services, and access them by date. With access to a number of social media services, you can take a gander at what you were up to on say, Twitter, a year ago. This is where the real fun begins, as it takes the journaling concept to a whole new level and allows you to exhaustively record your everyday happenings and thoughts. So you can access specific dates by calendar view and go and check what you tweeted on 4th July ’12 for example. The extensiveness of the documentation potential of the app should make any diary geek ecstatic.

The app has a search function enabling you to scour your imported and locally entered moments, making it really easy for you to access specific data and enhance the overall experience. You can also limit what Momento imports such as momento app reviewspecific tweets giving you a large amount of control over what is imported into your diary.

The Good

  • Easy to enter moments using keyboard
  • Pull specific data from social media to record your life events
  • Search function enabling you to quickly find information

The Bad

  • Not the same as recording your thoughts on paper

The Verdict

If you like to keep a journal and want to be able to do it on your iPhone then look no further than this app, which has recently gone from being a paid-for app to a free app. The app really does allow you to document every aspect of your life from your written thoughts to your social media activity. The only real downside is that is still is not the same as writing things down pen-on-paper, but the added ability to aggregate all of your social activity more than makes up for this, making this the must have app for anyone who likes to document their life.

momento app review


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