Top 5 Free Games Available Online

top 5 free games available to play online

Games available online used to conjure up images of mediocre-quality flash games offering a quick light experience, as it struggled to cope with your computer speed. This is not the case anymore with top titles which have cost millions to develop, available play online or download legally. It doesn’t matter whether you are a hardcore gamer, or simply looking to fill a few moments here and there, you don’t necessarily need to stump up cash to play good games. Of course for the latest top titles you will have to pay, but here is our selection of the top 5 free games available to play online.

Planetside 2

top 5 free games planetside 2
Planetside 2 is graphically-rich impressive battle game, which from the moment you begin to play it decieves you into believing that you cannot possibly be playing it for free. Yes if you want different kit in the game, you will have to shell out for in-game purchases, however this doesn’t prevent you from advancing in the game if you choose to remain playing for free. The shooter game offers vast maps and there are normally 100s of players on the game in the servers. It can be tricky to get started in the game so we recommend you have a friend play at the same time as you (for free of course) as you begin to understand the game.

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top 5 free games Hawken
Mech game Hawken re-defines the convventional image of mech games as slow and boring. Jump behind the controls of your mech in Hawken and you move a a startling pace with a good selection fo weapons and gadgets to batter your opponents with. The game is really a first-person shooter with the idea behind it being to customise the mech to suit you. Upgrades are purchasable in the game, but you can get started and have an enjoyable experience without having to creak open your wallet.

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Star Wars- Old Republic

top 5 free games star wars old republic
While not a totally free fix (you need to pay to get the full range of capabilities) Star Wars Old Republic cost millions to make and immerses you in the battle between the Jedi and and the Dark side, even allowing you to play the roles of different Imperial Agents or Bounty Hunters, rather than just the old original that of the “good side” Jedi. Crucially in the game, the storyline areas are available for free and this should give you more than enough to be getting on with, before considering any upgrades.

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World of Tanks

top 5 free games world of tanks
Although perhaps a shame to continue the “war” theme in the top 5, the World of Tanks is simple team-based multiplayer MMO, where all you have to do is log-on, pick a vehicle, join a team and drive on into a death match. There is a huge range of tanks available and you can upgrade your tank with better parts and accessories, which of course are available more quickly if you are willing to pay up. Definitely not a game for loners, you will need to work well in teams to advance here. The more you win, the more you can upgrade your machine until you have a weapon capable of levelling towns.

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Ghost Recon Online

top 5 free games online ghost recon
A classic title becomes available to play for free. Fans of the game will not be disappointed as the free version definitely provides a solid simulation of the full-whack Ghost Recon experience. The game still requires you to use stealth, care and precision, rather than sprinting out and blazing away in the style of other shooter games. Like most free games, if you are willing to splash the cash then you will get quicker access to more exciting and useful accessories and gadgets, but for those who want to keep the coffers closed do not fret. You can still build up a decent character if you are prepared to put the hours in and use reward points.

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