Epicurious for iPad Review- Recipes and Shopping List

epicurious for ipad

Finally there is a way to find an view printing recipes sourced online without having to print out the recipe or position your computer in your kitchen. The tablet style of the Apple iPad mean that it can be placed on a cookery book stand or using its own stands so you can easily see it while in the kitchen. Epicurious Recipes and Shopping List App enables you to search for and view reviews and photos of over 28,000 recipes with an easy-to-use interface. It sounds like a useful app. But how does it measure up?
epicurious for ipadThe interface is really well thought-out with recipes organised by main ingredient, health restrictions, nationality and other different categories. You can also search for recipes by keyword and view from a list of results. These results can be filtered such as removing ingredients to match dietary requirements or selective palates.

Whatever you are looking to cook, odds-on you can find it in the Epicurious collection. Navigation of the cookbook section is a breeze with the recipe instructions displayed on the main screen with the ingredient list to the side. A little bookmark is included so you can keep your place, whilst you browse other sections of the app, a most useful feature when planning a multi-course dinner.

A shopping list button on every recipe enables you to compile epicurious for ipada list to take to the supermarket and purchase the necessary ingredients and there is also an email button to pass on to friends any recipe that catches your eye.

One fault i did find with the app that while it is possible to join up and add your own recipes with the desktop version, this is not catered for in the app, and might be a change to consider later for the developers.

The Good

  • Beautifully laid-out interface
  • Easy filterable searching
  • Thousands of recipes to choose from
  • Useful shopping list compiler
  • Photos and reviews provided to show if the recipe is worth cooking

The Bad

  • Cannot upload own recipes

The Verdict

Epicurious really is a one-stop solution for cooks looking to quickly find recipes online and be able to follow them in the kitchen. It takes adavntage of the iPad screen real estate to make an app so easy to use and find what you are looking for that it should encourage a lot more people to begin cooking. The faults with it are so minor that they can really be overlooked. We encourage as many people as possible to get using this app and contirbuting more recipes for it via the web app to build the database of recipes to cook. Oh and did we mention? It’s free.

epicurious for ipad


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