Disney’s Story App- Tell Stories With Photos and Video

disneys story app

Story is the latest free iPhone app by Disney that enables you to tell stories in photos and video. The “effortless storytelling” features crawls through your iPhone camera role and finds photos and videos that were taken at the same time and place. It then groups this media into moments and you can then add captions and text pages to it, whilst personalising the theme and layout to create a unique story.

Disney’s pitch is “Disney has been telling the stories that you love for generations. Now, we can help you tell yours.” So how does the Disney’s Story app rate in our opinion
disneys story app
 Well first up the effortless storytelling is a great feature for finding potential stories easily, but this does assume that your photos were taken enabling location and with the correct time. Your photos and videos are then placed in order and it is really simple to add captions and text to them. Once you have completed your story, you can share it via email or Facebook or invite family and friends to check out your story on the app’s accompanying website. You can also get an embed code to add your story to a blog or other website.
disneys story appJust a quick note that you will need to sign up for a Disney account to be able to use the app (this is free) and all stories that you create are saved in the app and backed up on iCloud. All in all a good app. It is currently only available for iOS devices and optimised for the iPhone 5 and really is an innovative way for you to use your photos and videos to tell a story to people. Check it out and start telling your story today.
disney's story app for iphone


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