CamMe App Review- Take pictures without touching the camera

CamMe App Review

Do you like to take self-portrait photos with your iPhone or iPad camera, or take group photos that you would like to be in. Well up to now the camera on iOS devices does not have a timer feature to allow this, but the CamMe app changes that. The app allows you to take pictures from distance not having to touch the camera, meaning that you do not have to worry about the length of your arm or your posture in the picture. You simple point the camera at the subjects and join them before using a hand gesture to take the photo. A great idea if it works. No more asking strangers to take a photo as well.

CamMe App ReviewSo how does the app work out. Well it is immensely simple to use. From the moment you open it you just need to position your camera so it is facing the subjects then join the photo, with the app specifying that it works with a distance of between 2 and 10 feet between the subject and camera. All you need to do then is hold up your hand which will be recognised by the camera and then close your fingers to a clenched position to begin the camera shutter countdown. You can then pose for your photo which is captures and sent to your iPhoto library. Simple and really effective.

The Good

  • Simple to use
  • Transfers photos into library with seamless integration

CamMe App Review

The Bad

  • We are struggling to find bad points as the app does exactly as it “says on the tin.”

The Verdict

CamMe solves the problem of the lack of a timer feature in the build in camera on iOS devices. If you like to take self-portraits of yourself or want to be able to use a timer to take group or couple photos with your ipad or iPhone then this app is a must-have for you. Download it from the app store and get snapping.
camme app review


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