Top 10 Free Android Games-2013

free android games

Limited space on your Android device requires that you only download the best apps to ensure that you get the maximum utility form it. “Free” is certainly a term we like and the top free Android games have already been downloaded by millions and vary in their styles including simplistic puzzle games, to endless runners and graphically rich platform games. Take a look at our pick of the 2013 Top 10 free Android games.

1. Candy Crush Saga

free android games

Candy Crush saga is an addictive puzzle game, requiring you to switch and match bits of candy to make them disappear in over 100 levels of adventure. While it is completely free to download, some users have complained that it is difficult to advance without the in-game purchases, although you are never pushed in the game to spend money. The ability to view current high scores and network with your friends on social media can make this game an obsession. Be warned!

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2. Lazors

free android games

Lazors is a minimalistic puzzle game based around the concept of reflecting laser beams. The game might seem to be a little primitive, but in reality it hides a great deal of complexity and has a plethora of levels. For anyone who like puzzle games, the “free” tag makes this a “must-have.”

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3. 4 Pics 1 Word

free android games

4 Pics 1 Word is basically a simple game with all you really need to know about it being explained in the title. You are literally given a selection of 4 good-quality stock photos and must guess the word that connects all the photos, from a selection of letters provided below. Players are given a little help in this with the number of letters in the word being shown and if they still can’t get the answer they have the choice to connect to Facebook and wait for a friend to help them out or use in-game purchasable currency to reveal letters. There is really not much more to this game and the idle-time-waster is proving to be very popular in the charts.

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4. Temple Run 2

top free android games

Temple Run 2 is a highly addictive endless runner game, that sees you trying to evade a monster whilst running through a temple in the clouds. Along the way you must avoid obstacles including fireballs, broken railtracks, overhangs, and booby traps, with a few more surprises having been included following the original Temple Run game. Whilst in-game purchases are available, you do not rely on them to advance, and the ability to compete with friends and of course yourself across the leaderboards, really makes this game hard to put down.

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5. Doodle Jump

free android games

Another victory for simplicity. Doodle Jump requires you to direct the Doodler character up the screen via a series of platforms, some of which move or break. There are a few items such as springs and rocket packs to help you along the way and if you fall off the base of the screen,or jump into a monster or black hole then that is it. Game over. You can choose to control the character movement via the accelerometer or touch and the need to beat your high-score keeps you coming back for more and more.

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6. Parking Mania

free android games

Car parking and fun. It’s not a combination you thought would normally exist, but this puzzle app manages to combine the two as you endeavour to show off your parking skills and knowledge of the puzzling difference between “left” and “right.” You control the car by tilting it for direction and using your right thumb for acceleration (you can edit the controls in the menu as well) and the result is a game that can be considered “easy to learn, but hard to master.” There are over 80 cars to use in the game with one minor hitch being a graphics glitch which can cause you to hit a wall when you didn’t. Still all in all a good time-waster and addictive app once you get going.

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7. Toy Truck Rally 3D

free android apps

Toy Truck Rally brings out the little boy in you as you find yourself controlling a miniature toy truck and hurtling through a well-rendered 3D environment, dodging obstacles and gaining power-ups, boosts and bonuses. The truck can be controlled via touch or accelerometer methods, whichever works best for you. The graphics are OK but nothing special, and for those of you who want to return to those times of hurtling around pretending to be the car or propelling a toy car, with no regard for direction or speed then this is the game for you.

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8. Subway Surfers

free android games

Similar to Temple Run, Subway Surfers is another 3rd-person endless runner game, which sees your character running up a subway track, collecting coins and avoiding trains, whilst being pursued by the railway cop and his dog. The game has incentive based missions to progress throughout the game and the ability to earn characters and upgrades through in-game progress and purchases. You can also power up your ability through the use of in-game boosts such as trainers, jetpacks and for the “Back to the Future” fans, a hoverboard. The result of all this is a highly addictive and excellent time-consuming app.

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9. Manuganu

free android games

Manuganu is a platform-style app with impressive graphics, that sees you controlling the Indian character through a selection of landscapes, jumping from platform to platform and collecting coins in your attempt to reach the finish line. You control the character through a few effective touch and swipe controls and while you don’t need to be an expert to complete the levels, you will need to develop some skill to score highly.

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10. Angry Birds

free android games

You just might have heard of this one. Angry Birds has become a worldwide phenomenon branching out into many more products than just the game. The original game however still makes the top 10 of the top free Android games, with loads of levels, all based around throwing a bird to knock out a pig. A concept which never ets boring and although the free-version is ad-supported, Angry Birds really is a must for your game collection on your device. Fun for all the family.

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