Momondo- Free iPhone Flight Search App Review

iphone flight search

One of the most harrowing parts of traveling by airplane is the initial purchasing of the tickets. We all know that there are literally thousands of agent and ticketing websites out there and obviously we would like to get the best deal for ourselves. The Momondo iPhone flight search app searches and compares flights from over 700 travel sites and airlines. All you have to do is simply enter your desired trip details and you will then be given a list of the cheapest available fares and links to the site where it was found. Seems like a promising app to eliminate hassle. Lets try it out.

iphone flight search

The Good

The first bit of good news about the app is that it is free from the App Store. It is remarkably simple to use, all you have to do is enter your desired trip details and press the “Search Flights” button before being presented with the most up-to-date results. Once you have selected the flight you want then you are given the option to forward it as a mail, save the details on your device for later or book the flight now. Having checked the app against other results available online it does seem to find some of the cheapest deals. There is also a filter function so you can sort your results by a number of different criteria including departure time and airline choice. This is a very simple and useful app, which can reduce a lot of the headache involved in searching for cheap airfares.
iphone flight search

The Bad

While the Momondo app is very simple to use it only handles you for the fare search, whereupon when you press “Book Now” you are redirected to your browser and the website of the agent offering the fare. There is no option to make the booking within the app, which can be a turn off to some people. It also appears that a number of airline’s flights are not searched by the app, although we are unclear as to the reason why. Thus you might want to check that all airlines who serve your desired route are featured in the results.

Final Thoughts on Momondo iPhone Flight Search

Momondo is an extremely useful application to quickly search and locate cheap airfares from a huge number of sources on the web. Whilst it is not the complete booking application, it is extremely simple to use and forwards you to the relevant agent, whereupon all you have to do is complete the online payment process with that agent. We found no software bugs as such and as the app is free you could do a lot worse than to download it and see what savings you can get when planning your next trip.

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