Top 5 Free Proxy Servers to Protect Your Online Identity

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Blocked from viewing a website by a work, school or network restriction? Want to avoid your details being logged by a website when you visit it? Then it is possible to view websites through one of a few free proxy servers accessible through your web panel. These servers all allow anonymous surfing and Jabbersite has picked out a few that you might want to consider.

Free Proxy Servers

Hidemyass as an anonymous web proxy comes with a full repertoire of options allowing you to choose server by location and anonymity provided. It supports a wide range of websites and the ability to choose the country for a web proxy allows you to use services that might not necessarily be available in your country such as Hulu for US access.

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VTunnel offers SSL proxy which can be used to log into different web applications and view online videos and offers speedy browsing, and you don’t really notice you are surfing anonymously. It does have annoying ad pop-ups, however these can be blocked by certain browser plugins. A good choice for anonymous surfing.

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XRoxy allows you to decide on your proxy server selecting from criteria drop-down menus. They have a selection of over 500 free proxies and you can also sign up and join in the forums. There is a minor lag occasionally on video playback time for video viewing sites like YouTube (and you must be registered) but most of the time video viewing is almost perfect. – as tested during peak Internet hours using XROXY’s own SSL proxy.

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Unblockproxy enables you to to bypass filters/firewalls and unblock most websites. It has a drop-down list of popular websites such as YouTube and Facebook for quick browsing and a text area to simply enter the URL you want to visit. Powered by Glybe it is not the most in-depth proxy server but is free and does the job.

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