Top Free Content Management Systems

Free Content Management Systems (CMS) have made it much easier to develop and publish a successful website. A CMS enables you to publish the web content and archive it properly keeping your website well organised, increasing data security and keeping maintenance and updating costs down.

A number of CMS systems are available to use free-of-charge and you can get your website on-the-go in minutes. There exists a comprehensive array of tutorials and templates for each system to aid you in production, as well as plugins, and extensions to add extra features to your site. Below we have a selection of the most popular and free open-source CMS tools available on the web.

free content management systemsWordPress

Although WordPress was developed as a blog application, it is possible to use it as an all-in-one publishing platform for a complex, content-driven website. It includes thousands of plugins to assist the user in developing dynamic responsive sites and there are thousands of templates available, free and paid-for. You can have a free “” account or many web hosts for customized domains offer free installations of WordPress to get you started right away.

free content management systemsJoomla!

Joomla! has established itself as one of the top and most widely-use CMS applications. It is best suited to creating business websites or online magazines or community-based portals. It includes loads of built-in features and also you can add extra components to enhance the features of your website to improve the browsing experience of your site.

Many web hosts provide a free installation of Joomla so you can start work on your site immediately.

free content management systemsDrupal

Drupal enables you to build many different tyes of web pages ranging from small simple blog layouts to full online communities. It is very easy to customise, and has a built-in search tool, and is possible to create search-engine friendly URLS. There are loads of “Drupal Distributions” or add-ons to enhance your website with features.

free content management systemse107

e107 is a free CMS allowing you to create quick and easy business (intranet) and community websites. Notable features are the forums built-in application and high-performance file-based caching.

free content management systemsTypo3

Typo3 CMS is best used in creating enterprise websites and business intranets. The design is template based, and you can create your own templates in the Typoscript configuration language. There is a comprehensive range of extensions and a support network available


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