Free Social Media Management Tools

social media management tools
social media management tools

Managing multiple social media profiles can be very time consuming if you manage them all individually. It is possible to find

free social media management tools

online, through which you can manage multiple profiles simultaneously, synchronise posts, schedule posts and monitor network activity for specific terms. Social media can be a very powerful business tool if used effectively. Free social media management tools will help you use your networks to further your business.


free social media management tools hootsuite
Platform:Web Application. Apps for iOS, Android and Blackberry
Price:Free for up to 5 Profiles- $9.99 for unlimited social profiles

You can use Hootsuite to manage your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Google+, Foursquare, WordPress Blogs, Myspace and Mixi profiles. For most business owners Hootsuite is the management tool of choice and is certainly the best network for integrating Google+ management.

Sprout Social

free social media management tools sprout social
Platform:Web Application. Apps for iOS, Android and Blackberry
Price:30 days free trial- After $9.99/month for pro version

Sprout social allows you to manage and monitor social networks easily. The software has been designed with the extra bonus of bearing teams in mind so that if the team is cross-departmental, the information that the members of the team needs is updated and shared easily. It has a simple interface to use and has been the emerging company in the last couple of years.


free social media management tools buffer
Platform:Web Application (Safari, Chrome and Firefox Supported)

Web based application Buffer allows you to schedule posts and provide analytics on posted from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It additionally has a selection of fre apps, extensions and other extras that can work with it to maximise your reach with your social profiles.


free social media management tools tweet deck
Platform:Web Application (Safari, Chrome and Firefox Supported). Desktop app for oSX and Windows.

Tweetdeck was one of the first Twitter clients and enables you to manage multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts at once. You can additionally monitor your feeds and display your search results continuously allowing you a quick response when your company/brand/product is mentioned. Tweetdeck also enables you to post or schedule posts containing text, photos and links. Issues are that it does not integrate Facebook pages,Google + or LinkedIn meaning that it is only a really useful tool if you only use Facebook and Twitter as your social media presence, or want to use more than one management tool, which kind of defeats the entire purpose.


free social media management tools socialite
Platform:Mac OSX v10.6 or later
Price:Free (with ads) $19.95(without ads)

With Socialite you can manage multiple Twitter and Facebook feeds and Facebook pages, as well as Flickr stream, Google Reader, Digg and RSS subscriptions. Problems with it, aside from the fact that it is only available for Macs are that it doesn’t have scheduled posts, although it has been hinted that these will be incorporated when it is updated.

There are loads of other social media tools to help you manage your social network campaigns. You have to work out what works best for you and the profiles you manage.

Does anybody have any more tools to add or comment on?


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